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i found my morphine today!

May 28, 2011

ah yes,
it is the word,
that of this key,
this it is, you see?

for long i have not said,
i haven’t been free,
oh, you know,
i have not been me,

i shall not refrain,
when i tap again,
from tapping, you know,
that forbidden key,

of trains, i have told you,
i have also told you of rains,
what i haven’t told you,
is that it took no brains,

for i wrote and wrote,
whatever came to me,
as i do now,
only this time, i’m on a jibberjabber spree

every woman, you know,
is, they say, a mystery,
but tell you i will,
i too have a history,

“shh…”, says the voice inside my head,
i say shut up will ya,
but it grows louder instead,

let me then tell you,
a secret or two,
i have no history,
just a lovely little story,

and the story goes like this:

there is this chap,
of the rather ordinary kind,
who could not, you know, put up with crap,
so he went up to a girl,
and told her, “i love you”,
the girl, oh dear lord,
responded with a “thank you!”
speechless, he turned around,
and as he walked back,
his head went round and round,
hark! do you hear?
do you hear that cackle, that sound?
i think it’s the stupid cupid,
chuckling along.
i say, “you fool,
you missed your shot”,
he smiles funnily,
as if he hears me not,
or as if to say, “i have yet another shot”.

anyway, so that was the story.
now let me tell you,
the thing i found today,
i found much joy,
and after some jibberjabber,

i have this to say,
“My friend, I found my morphine today!”

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