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rhymes without reasons

May 19, 2012

Summers I’ve known for hot afternoons, and naps,
And ice-creams, and sweat,
Endless power-cuts over which we’d fret,
My sister and I,
I’ve known it also for conversations over nimbu pani,
And exams and the rush to Mother Dairy,
Kulfi and ice.

Holidays too, when school was closed and I’d make grand plans
To do this and that, to learn a new skill, do something creative, you know.
Although, really, I’d spend the summer in idleness,
Sometimes reading, and at other times irritating my little sister.

I’ve known rains from the monsoons southwest,
That would shower upon us come July,
‘Twas the umbrella I’d use, and the raincoat I’d detest,
For an umbrella was the best compromise,
Between the drizzle and the dry,
We would make paper boats,
And on top of our voices cry,
“Look! Mine went farther than yours!”
Even if it was only a small puddle the boat floated across.
I’d also do my awkward dance in the rain
when nobody was watching,
Or so I’d think,
And jump, and splash, and swim in the stink!

Winters chilly,
And the gentle morning sunshine
In regions hilly,
I have known.
And I’ve known springtime,
The flowers that blossom.
And the colour mauve.

Changing seasons, you say?
Alas, my friend,
Madras has but one,
To varying degrees, I admit,
‘Tis hot, hotter, and hottest.
There are rains sometimes,
And sometimes not, like today,
And most of these days.
I await those rains,
From the winds northeast.
But they don’t come my way,
‘Tis not time yet.
And `tis the same with words,
The song of the sea took them away,
And the breeze asked me,
As I stood by the sea wordless,
“Do you have anything to say?”
Nothing at all.

I am only a quiet witness to changing seasons,
Composing ad hoc rhymes without reasons.

(Postscript: Cross-posted from ToS.)

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