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o dear cursor…

July 29, 2008

I’m sorry dear that despite your plea this humble writer (or blogger, if you will) cannot but bug you with the stuff i can’t but bug you with. For, you know, i’m a simple psychedelic suffering from complex hallucinations that often make the stuff i share with you and through you unfit for ordinary human comprehension. Ah, the way you blink, your mischievious wink, make me but think, “Do you know the difference between black and white? Can you, for instance, tell them apart from pink?” That’s a pathetic rhyme, a rhyme ill-placed in time, i think. I guess you’ve had enough of this digital rhyme typed on the keyboard… without an ink!

I’m sorry i’ve oft ascribed to thee, the words i weave, unworthy even of me. Forgive me and bear with me. Some other time, oh dear, i’ll see thee…

take care,

a wretched blogger

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