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The Jigsaw Puzzle

July 17, 2008

I’ve wandered through the corridors,
Past the trees, the pillars, the people…
I’ve wondered all through… where is my place here…?
In search of a place for myself i wandered and wandered….
Took rounds and rounds of college,
And made an effort to figure out where I belong here…


Just after breakfast, on a Sunday morn,
I found a feather in the mess lawns, forlorn…
’Twas rather inviting…
I felt like playing with it,
Picked it up and blew it in the air;
With us the air did play,
From me the feather it took away
Far into the skies… 
It went way beyond the cross 
And disappeared against the backdrop of clouds, 
White and woollen,
And i was left there searching for another…


I spent the day doing i know not what,
Perhaps searching… and perhaps seeking…
My place…
Once again, i found myself sitting by the mess lawns
After dinner, lost somewhere perhaps…
I said i was trying to gather myself,
That I’d been all around the college that day…
And that i felt i was scattered everywhere,
That i was trying to put myself together,
To solve the jigsaw puzzle of ‘being’…
Finally the puzzle seems to be coming together
Though I know not what the final, the big picture is…
I do not know what shape it will take,
I do not know what, of me, this journey will make.
What I do know, however, is the ‘Star’ I’m one with,
That this is my place, that I belong to it,
That I’m one with the trees, the pillars, the people and the bricks.


Will I find the ‘me’ I am searching for?
Or will I perish in search of that horizon of ‘being’?
Am I putting together the right pieces?
Am I getting any closer to the “real” picture?
Am I solving the Jigsaw Puzzle or am I creating one?
All I can do is dream and work and love
And some day I will get to the final picture.
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow or maybe… some distant day.

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